Production Facilities

Production Capacity of “Khantex Group”


Textile mill consists of the following shops:

  • yarn spinning;
  • circular knitting;
  • weaving;
  • dyeing and finishing for cotton tricot and fabrics;
  • sewing (knitted wear, bed linens, terry towels and robes).

The production shops are equipped with modern high-performance machines and tools from leading companies in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Japan, Turkey, China.


Spinning Shop



The spinning plant is equipped with modern automated equipment (release 2019) of world famous companies such as Rieter (Switzerland) - spinning, Murata (Japan) - rewinding, Uster (Switzerland) - laboratory analysis and control, Savio (Italy) - torsion and Temsan (Turkey) - ventilation and air conditioning system.

The annual processing capacity of the homegrown cotton fiber is 10.3 thousand tons.

The shop also produces raw cotton yarn in the amount of
9,1 thousand tons per year with the following range:

  • Combed Compact Yarn (Ne30/1) – 7,5 tons per day or 2,6 thousand tons per year.

The site is equipped with a combing line consisting of 7 compact ring spinning machines (К46 model) by Rieter, the total number of spindles – 12 768 units.

  • Carded Yarn (Ne30/1) – 14,0 tons per day or 4,9 thousand tons per year.

The site is equipped with a carding line consisting of 14 ring spinning machines (G36 model) by Rieter, the total number of spindles – 25 536 units. 

  • Carded Open End (OE) Yarn (Ne20/1) – 4,5 tons per day or 1,6 thousand tons per year.

The site is equipped with carding line consisting of 2 rotor spinning machines (R36 model) by Rieter, the total number of rotors – 800 units.

  • Twisted Yarn (Ne30/2) – 2,5 per day or 0,9 thousand tons per year. The site is equipped with 6 Siruis Duo-Pot twisting machines by Savio, the total number of spindles - 1,632 units.

Rewinding of yarn is carried out on Murata Process Coner II QPRO Plus link winding machines equipped with electronic Uster Quantum 3 yarn cleaner and a foreign fiber detection function, which automatically removes foreign fibers during the rewinding process and minimizes human factor influence on yarn quality.

Uster's laboratory (HVI 1000, UT6, UTR5) and auxiliary devices (Vision Shield 2 - for fiber preparation, Uster Quantum 3 - for yarn rewinding) help to control the quality of the yarn at the input, during production and at the output.

The finished yarn is steamed on an automatic steaming chamber by Sieger (India) for yarn conditioning.

The spinning shop was put into operation in II quarter of 2019.


Knitting Shop


The knitting shop is equipped with 14 modern high-performance circular knitting machines (with diameter of 30, 32, 34 inches) by Terrot (Germany) and ventilation and air conditioning system by Temsan (Turkey).

The production capacity of the shop allows the production of 2.4 thousand tons of unbleached knitted fabrics in the assortment (interlock, supreme, ribana, kashkorse) according to an order specification from yarn (combed, carded, pneumatic) with the addition of synthetic threads. The demand for raw materials is 2.6 thousand tons per year.

Quality control (inspection and grading) of the fabric produced is carried out on rejection machines ин Demsan (Turkey).

Further, the unbleached fabric is transferred to the dyeing and finishing production, and after that the finished fabric goes to the sewing production.

Knitting shop production was launched in IV quarter of 2019.


Weaving Shop



The weaving production is equipped with modern European equipment from world famous companies:

  • warping and sizing machines by Karl Mayer (Germany);
  • jacquard looms by Staubli (Switzerland);
  • pneumatic and rapier weaving machines by Picanol (Belgium);
  • ventilation and air conditioning system by Temsan (Turkey).

The production capacity of the weaving shop for production of unbleached fabric (for bed linen and terry products with width between 2.2 and 2.8 meters) is 5.9 million running meters or 13.4 million square meters per year.

The shop requirement of raw cotton yarn is 3.5 thousand tons of harsh cotton yarn of in-house production.

The shop is equipped with a unique for Uzbekistan design development program for jacquard items by ЕАТ company (Germany).  

Finished unbleached fabrics are transferred to dyeing and finishing shop for further processing.

The shop was launched in II quarter of 2020.


Dyeing and Finishing Shop 



Dyeing and finishing shop is equipped with advanced equipment by world known companies, such as Erbatech (Germany), Brückner (Germany), Küsters (Germany), Zimmer (Austria), Biancalani (Italy), Ferraro (Italy), HAS Group (Turkey), Demsan (Turkey) and others.

    The dyeing and finishing workshop is unique in its kind, as in two continuous production lines it has the ability to finish and dye harsh terry cloth, knitted fabrics and other types of raw fabrics.

The annual production capacity of the dyeing and finishing shop is:

  • finished knitted fabric in the range - 3,6 thousand tons;
  • finished terry fabric in the range - 2,1 thousand tons;
  • finished woven fabric in the range - 24,0 million square meters.

The application of installed equipment (including digital printing equipment and steam ager by Zimmer) by highly qualified foreign and local specialists makes it possible to produce a wide range of ready-made high-quality cotton fabrics and linens.

Our company pays special attention to environmental protection, therefore we have built treatment facility with brand new equipment for chemical and biological treatment by Enta (Turkey).

After dyeing finished woven and knitted fabrics, terry- and bedding fabrics are transferred to the sewing shop.

The shop was launched in IV quarter of 2020.


Sewing Shop



The sewing shop is equipped with the modern equipment from world-known companies: automatic cloth-cutting machines by Serkon (Turkey), sewing machines by Juki, Brother, Kansai (Japan), finishing tables with steam irons by Malkan (Turkey), an embroidery machine by SunStar (South Korea), an automatic printing machine ROQ (Portugal) and an automatic line for cutting and embroidery Tekspa (Germany).


The production capacity of the sewing shop is the following:

  • finished tricot products in assortment - 6,0 mil. units per year;
  • finished terry products in assortment - 6,7 mil. units per year;
  • finished bed linens in assortment - 0,6 mil. units per year.


The sewing shop was launched in IV quarter of 2020.