About us

Welcome to the official corporate website of Khantex Group cotton and textile cluster!


“Khantex Group” LLC was established in 2017 by a team of motivated energetic professionals. Our company has grown from a small company to an enterprise that occupies a leading position in the Uzbek market among suppliers of cotton yarn and knitted fabric with 4,000 employees.

Our production plant is located in Kurgantepa district of Andijan region and is a completely new textile enterprise equipped with weaving, jacquard looms and knitting machines of the latest models, a modern dyeing production and a sewing workshop by leading European companies. The main suppliers of equipment are Rieter (Switzerland) for spinning, Picanol (Belgium) for weaving, Erbatech (Germany) for dyeing and Brother, Kansai (Japan) for sewing. All equipment suppliers are world renowned manufacturers of high quality, high performance and energy efficient machines and equipment.

We are continuously working on the development of our company, and are pleased to announce that we have launched the manufacturing and dyeing of high-quality natural fabrics and knitwear applying the latest technologies for the subsequent production of bed linen and bath accessories, tricot clothes and underwear.


It All Begins with Cotton…



We carefully harvest cotton grown under the hot sun of Andijan in our own agricultural fields using innovative methods and water-saving technologies to produce the highest quality and environmentally friendly fabrics from natural cotton fiber.

For us, each fabric, color and texture is a distinct passion that helps us create high-quality home textiles and knitwear to suit any taste.


Quality Always Means Trust and Customer Loyalty


"Khantex Group" pays careful attention to the quality of products and the highest level of technology and culture of production, therefore, control begins with each lot of cotton and additional procurement raw materials, which are thoroughly checked, tested for compliance with state and international standards with the strictest selection criteria for raw materials, which helps achieve excellent results in sewing finished products.



Our goal is to bring Uzbek textiles to a new higher level, so we care about quality and environmental standards at every stage of production. Application of the best imported equipment in the production allows us to produce high quality products that give us a competitive advantage among other local manufacturers. Laboratory control on USTER TESTER equipment carried out at each stage of production and use of environmentally friendly materials ensures the safety of products for human health.

Also, given the tough competition and oversupply in the textile industry, the quality of service is becoming another priority for us. Constant work with our wholesale customers allows us to continuously improve the quality of our products, expand the range, and be flexible.
We are ready to offer our clients favorable terms of cooperation, a wide range of textile products and attractive marketing solutions.


Modern Design and Uniqueness


"Khantex Group" is a permanent participant of the largest international and regional textile exhibitions, which allows us to keep abreast of new fashion trends and to develop collections with original and fashionable designs.

All designs and colors are developed by Turkish specialists. Every year the design bureau creates collections for our clients in the most current styles and concepts. We keep up with the times and offer exceptionally high quality and modern products.


Professionals in Their Field


Maintaining high quality ensures by the essential capital of "Khantex Group" - its highly qualified employees. We are constantly improving our professional skills. It starts with the selection of people who come to work in the company, and continues throughout the entire period of their activities in our team. We strive to improve our knowledge and professionalism, grow in quantity and improve quality, discover new horizons and implement challenging projects.


In our team, along with local personnel, there are foreign highly qualified managers and workers with solid experience in weaving, dyeing, knitting and sewing in the best textile companies of Turkey, Pakistan and India.



A great future awaits Khantex Group and we invite you to become a part of it. Together there are no barriers for us.