Khantex Oil LLC

On April 17, 2019 “Khantex Oil” LLC (an oil extraction plant) was established on the basis of “Khantex Group” LLC. The main suppliers of equipment for the enterprise are world-renowned companies such as FLORA POWER, SKET, AMANDUS KAHL (Germany), CMB, BINACCI (Italy) and others.


Annual capacity of the plant:

  • processing of cotton seeds - 72,000 tons;
  • processing of sunflower seeds - 54,000 tons;
  • processing of soybean seeds - 42,000 tons.


Production of vegetable oil per year:

  • cotton seed oil - 6,500 tons;
  • sunflower oil - 9,200 tons;
  • soybean oil - 900 tons.


Secondary production

for livestock and poultry farms:

  • high-protein granulated meal - 27,300 tons per year;
  • husk - 11,200 tons per year;


for the household needs of the population:

  • laundry and toilet soap - over 5,100 tons per year;
  • fuel briquettes from sunflower husk - 500 tons per year.


After commissioning of the new plant, it is planned to create more than 300 new jobs.