13-02-2020 | 09:10

Khantex Group will build an oil extraction plant

The domestic agricultural sector is entering the maturity stage and is moving from a narrow specialization to the creation of vertically integrated chains. Large enterprises of cluster type tend to close the production cycle on the principle of "from field to counter."

 In this regard, Khantex Group initiated a project to build a plant for the deep processing of oil seeds of multicultural crops in order to use the cultivated raw materials for the production of vegetable oil, soap and feed. Such a well-thought-out strategy will further enhance the profitability of the entire cluster. Also, a vertically integrated structure will allow controlling the quality of raw materials and choosing only the best for the products.

The plant will be built on the territory adjacent to the existing Khantex Group cotton-textile production plant in Kurgantepa district of Andijan region. Phased production launch is scheduled for 2020-2021.

The total capacity of the oil extraction plant will be 200 tons per day. The plant will process cotton seeds, sunflower seeds and soybeans, produce vegetable oil, laundry soap and high-protein feed. Additionally, the project also assumes procurement of seeds for sowing (cotton seeds, sunflower seeds, soybeans).

The project cost is estimated at 20 million Euro and is financed by means of a loan from  Landesbank Baden Württemberg (Germany). The project will create over 500 new jobs. Sales of finished products are planned for the local market and export.

To date, the agreement has been signed with Textima Company (Germany) for the supply of technological equipment and technical supervision. It is planned to equip the enterprise with the brand new advanced equipment from leading European manufacturers, such as CMB (Italy), Reiter, Florapower, Kahl (Germany) and others.