10-11-2020 | 12:36

How to choose the right knitwear?

Cotton jersey is one of the most comfortable, practical and beautiful natural fabrics. In order for clothes made from cotton jersey to delight you as long as possible, you should carefully consider the choice of the manufacturer, and also know the main characteristics of high-quality knitwear.

It is always better buying children's clothes made from cotton jersey - it is pleasant to the body, safe and has excellent breathability. For high-quality women's and men's knitwear, the presence of artificial fibers in the composition should not exceed 30%.

When choosing any jersey, you should pay attention to the seams. The smoother and the thinner the allowances, the higher the quality. All edges of the garment must be carefully finished. Also, while choosing knitwear, stretch it a little with your hands and then release it, the fabric should quickly return to its original shape.

You should also carefully examine the parts where the clothes came into contact with the hanger. Low-quality home jersey will start to stretch and rub. In high-quality knitwear, the fabric will be completely uniform, without puffs.

In addition, no threads should stick out of the product. Around the entire perimeter, high-quality knitwear will have an even looped edge. The most durable and strong is a special knitted chain stitch. In this case, an even stitch is visible on one side, and on the other, a chain, which consists of loops. In order for the seams not to diverge over time, there should be no gaps in them. It is also important to read the label care recommendations.

Products from cotton knitwear by “Khantex Group” meet the highest quality requirements and occupy a leading position in the segment of home knitwear in Uzbekistan. Our factory is equipped with specialized knitting equipment from "Terrot" company (Germany).

All products in the production process are wet-heat treated with steam. This ensures dimensional stability, shrinkage and flawless appearance. Quality control is carried out at all stages of production, which saves you from the painful choice of beautiful, comfortable and practical clothes.