About us

Andijan is the land of new opportunities and limitless resources. Andijan's expanses inspire large-scale projects. Thus in 2011 Khantex Group started its activity here. The company's founders have set a difficult task - to become pioneers of quality in the region and to achieve maximum diversification of business.

Khantex made its first steps in the field of gas filling stations. The network of three gas stations in the region has grown in just two years. Successful experience has encouraged the Company to expand its business.Already in 2014, Khantex Group launched a fully automated poultry farm equipped with high-tech German equipment. In four years, the number of poultry workshops increased to four.

In 2017, in order to develop the industry in the region, Khantex Group began work on the creation of a cotton-textile cluster aimed at deep processing of agricultural products and production of finished products with a high level of added value. As part of this project, the machinery and tractor fleet was fully renovated through the use of advanced equipment for harvesting and processing of crops, as well as modernized storage and processing facilities for cotton. A cotton cleaning plant was put into operation. The crowning feature of Khantex Group's development is a full-cycle textile complex: from cotton harvesting and spinning to the production of finished garments and knitwear. Khantex Group focuses on the highest quality and the most advanced technologies. All equipment manufacturers involved by Khantex Group are world leaders in their segment. Key brands from the USA, South Korea, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium and Germany. The focus on quality and technology makes it possible to attract both public and foreign investment. Today, Khantex Group provides high quality products and goods of advanced quality. To date, the company employs more than 2 thousand people and this figure grows every day. But our victories are only the beginning. Khantex Group is looking forward to a great future and we invite you to become a part of it. together there are no obstacles for us.

Khantex Group.